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Jonas Öberg

Free Software Foundation Europe
Executive Director
Stockholm, Sweden
Jonas Öberg entered university with his mind set on being a maths teacher. After a year, he made the switch to software engineering, but carried over his passion for teaching that later saw him take on a role as lecturer in software engineering at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He co-founded the Free Software Foundation Europe in 2001 and later expanded into other fields of open by joining Creative Commons as their Regional Cordinator in Europe. Under a Fellowship from the Shuttleworth Foundation he founded his third company in 2013 working on automating license compliance for Creative Commons licenses. As the Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation Europe, a role he took up in 2015, he was instrumental in launching the REUSE initiative in 2017, an initiative which aims to make automation of license compliance practices possible by providing computer understandable license information. When he needs to avoid computers and technology, he's busy renovating a 19th century house in northern Sweden, growing trees, and spending time with his wife and two kids.