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Daniel Izquierdo

CEO & Cofounder
Madrid, Spain

Daniel Izquierdo is co-founder and CEO of Bitergia, a start-up focused on providing metrics, consultancy and making the right decisions about open source and InnerSource projects. His main interests about open and InnerSource are related to the community itself, cultural change, and software process improvements through the analysis of the existing datasets.

In the last years, Daniel has worked as consultant to successfully adopt InnerSource at scale in large corporations and has contributed as example to several assets as the InnerSource Maturity Model or the InnerSource Metrics Strategy handbook. He has closely worked with open source foundation as FINOS, Mozilla, Eclipse, and others to provide software development dashboards with community and process related insights.

Daniel has participated as speaker in other open source related events as OSCON, Open Source Strategy Forum, Open Source Summits, or the InnerSource Commons.

Daniel is currently part of the governing board of CHAOSS -Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software- and he is member of the Board of Directors of the InnerSource Commons Foundation.