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Rochelle Grober

Huawei Technologies
Senior Staff Architect - Huawei
San Francisco Bay Area
Rocky is an industry veteran, with experience spanning computer bring up to AI, networks and embedded. But her attention always seems to return to close to the metal, large infrastructure. Starting out in EE, she migrated to SW development then on to QA and SW Process, which is why she is a champion for operations, interoperability and usability. She has been aware and peripherally involved in Open Source since the original creation of Copy Left, but is finally fully emersed in it now, as an OpenStack resource within Huawei. She brings many years of experience in large scale systems and operations, SOA, SAAS, mobile (oh, wait, that's not a TLA!) to the table, along with experience in multiple verticals and other business jargon. But most importantly, she melds a passion for quality performance with a pragmatism gained in the real world.
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