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Dan Cundiff

Target Corporation
Principal Engineer
• Currently Principal Engineer of Target’s IoT platform
• Formerly Principal Engineer of Target’s API platform
• Habit of starting corporate wide change on servers under my desk: TgtWiki (see below), REDtalk (see below), OpenStack, Chef, Jenkins, Artifactory, GitHub Enterprise.
• Speaker or Keynote at: DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018, Linux Foundation Open Source Leadership Summit 2018, RSA Conference, API Strategy Conference, Cassandra Summit, Jenkins User Conference, GitHub Universe, Apps World North America, Splunk .conf, MHacks, Gartner AADI
• Top holder of patents at Target
• Started Target’s tech blog: http://tech.target.com/
• Started Target’s open source office: https://github.com/target
• Co-created TgtWiki; a company wide wiki based on Mediawiki; has grown to 142,000+ articles and over 2.1 million edits: http://www.fastcompany.com/3001988/how-targets-ceo-inspires-teamwork-massive-scale
• Co-created REDtalk; a company wide Twitter clone used all the way up to our CEO; became the catalyst for the current social tools we use now
• Sagamore of the Wabash recipient: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagamore_of_the_Wabash
Versed in leading large software development projects. Currently building Target’s IoT Platform from scratch. Recently focused on building GraphQL and RESTful APIs across all lines of the business for internal and external consumption by systems and mobile applications. Also experienced with credit card (PCI) and banking (GLBA) development, security software, logging/metrics/monitoring systems, establishing inner source and open source offices, starting and operating company engineering blogs, and standing up intra-company knowledge management, collaboration, and social tools.
Specialties: IoT platforms/protocols/devices, GraphQL and RESTful APIs, immutable infrastructure, continuous integration tooling, data security development, Linux, OpenStack, GitHub Enterprise administration, Cassandra, knowledge management and social media platforms.
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