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John Zannos


John Zannos is Vice President of Cloud Platform business at Canonical. He is responsible for execution of the Ubuntu Cloud business, ecosystem, partnerships, alliances and strategy.  During his career John has lead business and technology efforts around cloud computing, telecom, utility computing, hosting, application management, security, and content distribution networks.  Prior to working at Canonical, he held technology leadership positions at HP, IVIA, Compaq, Boston University and ARCO.  During his time at Canonical and HP he has worked in the Telecom industry focused on cloud, VNF, SDN and NFV.  


John is a member of the Board of Directors of OPNFV and is the Chairman OpenPOWER foundation; his interest is to ensure an open and thriving technology ecosystem that drives innovation and collaboration. He splits his time between Boston, San Francisco and London. 

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